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Art vs. blight – The Detroit Packard Factory: http://ow.ly/2akJY

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Have you seen Scott Hocking’s “Garden of the Gods” collection? This installation is built on the collapsed roof of the massive Albert Kahn designed Packard automobile plant. Only a handful of Kahn’s cast concrete columns remain standing among the rubble, leaving a site reminiscent of both the Roman Forum and Bernini’s Piazza San Pietro.

Using the columns as pedestals, the twelve gods of the classical Greek Pantheon are replaced and represented by televisions found elsewhere in the building. This new pantheon of gods will be documented through the seasons, until the structure collapses, is demolished, or the TV towers are destroyed in some way.

Click here for a look at the collection. For more information about Scott Hocking, visit http://www.scotthocking.com/

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On October 7, 2007 John Penrice decided to visit the largest abandoned building in the city of Detroit – the Packard Motor Car Company. Here is a link to his post on the visit:


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